A Parents Guide To Finding The Best Baby Strollers

Whether you are pregnant with your first child, or you have an expanding family, or you are looking for a stroller with specific functionality, the process of researching all the different types and styles of strollers can be quite time consuming and confusing. At BabyWheels.net we have created one central place for all types of strollers covering every budget. Most importantly, all our reviews highlight exactly the information parents want and need before making a final decision to buy the best baby strollers for their needs.

Before you just blindly start reading reviews of different strollers, you should first decide what kind of a stroller you will need. The four main categories that we break down are (1) double stroller, (2) umbrella stroller, (3) jogging stroller and (4) lightweight stroller. To give you a visual idea how these differ, we have created the following table, which summarizes the best strollers from each of the main categories. Below the table we provide more details about the different categories and what their benefits and ideal uses are. As well as quick overviews of the 3 strollers we believe are the best.

The Three Best Baby Strollers From Each Category

NameBaby Jogger Summit X3Chicco LitewayBaby Jogger City Mini Double
TypeJogging StrollerUmbrella StrollerDouble Stroller
Weight28 lbs15 lbs30.4 lbs
Weight Limitations75 lbs50 lbs100 lbs
Folded Dimensions (LxHxW)33.5 x 15.5 x 25.542.7 x 11.4 x 10.129.5 x 11 x 29
Our ReviewSummit X3 ReviewLiteway Plus ReviewBaby Jogger City Mini
Amazon Rating4.8 Star4.7 Star4.6 Star
Price Range$350 - $400$150 - $200$300 - $350

Our best baby stroller reviews all focus on much more than just the above so you should definitely check out the detailed reviews for all the info. However, we feel that it is important to highlight the most distinguishing factors for our top-three picks. While all three are from different categories they can of course not be compared as is, but we feel that dimensions and weight are generally quite important for people to know about. We have designated pages for each of the categories and you will really find all the info you could possibly need on strollers from Chicco, Bumbleride, Baby Jogger and many more.


Double Stroller

Double Stroller

Double Stroller

Even if you have done all the research on the stroller for your first child, the whole process starts over when your second arrived within a few years of the first. This is exactly what we found before our second baby arrived, and we thought we knew it all. To complicate things a bit more, you are spoiled for choices when it comes to double strollers, as they will come in the umbrella, lightweight and jogging category. You also have to be careful when it comes to the design to check whether a stroller is specifically designed for twins, or for two children of different ages and this is something we cover in our best baby stroller reviews.

No matter which category you want to cover, your first decision has got to be whether you want the seats to be arranged side-by-side or in tandem. Both have very distinct advantages and disadvantages that ultimately will be decided on personal preference.

The great thing about a side-by-side stroller is that both children will have the same view and will be able to see everything that is going on ahead and to each side. It is also a great way for your kids to interact and play while you are out and about. But this can also be a disadvantage if your children are at an age where they argue a lot. Another disadvantage is that due to the width of a side-by-side double stroller you will find it difficult to get through doorways or navigate isles in busy or small stores.

On the other hand, a tandem stroller has the seats arranged behind each other, which we have personally found to be easier to steer and navigate. The much slimmer width will make sure that doorways do not prove to be an impassable obstacle. The downsides we see with this design is that the child sitting at the back has a significantly restricted view as he or she will be looking at the back of the other seat directly in front. While it does reduce any arguing or fighting, we have found that our younger son will torment his older sister by kicking the back of her seat, so it does not stop arguments.

For much more detailed information about the types of double stroller make sure you go to our best double stroller page, which contains a huge amount of information that will help you make a decision.


Jogging Stroller

Jogging Stroller

Jogging Stroller

One of the most practical and best strollers is the jogging stroller. People who look for a jogging type stroller tend to fall into two groups:

  1. Moms and dads that regularly exercised before they had children
  2. Moms that want to take up exercise to lose the baby weight

While some parents decide to take turns when it comes to exercising this isn’t always practical. Mothers, or fathers, that stay at home with the children for part or most of the week while their partner is at work are very limited to how they can exercise and sometimes you want to take advantage of certain weather conditions and temperatures during the day. This is where a jogging stroller can be a real asset, as you can still go out for a run or fast walk without having to organize for someone to mind your children.

It is also a fantastic way to introduce your kids to the benefit and importance of exercise and you will be setting a very good example for them. We have certainly found that both of our kids really enjoy going in the stroller and travelling at higher speeds than normal providing for great excitement and shouts of joy. Hopefully they will take to exercising early in their life.

No matter what group you fall into you will want to carefully research your options for jogging strollers, as they will impact your ability to exercise. Our designated page with jogging stroller reviews will help you find the right information you will need.


Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella Stroller

The great thing about an umbrella stroller is that it folds down into an extremely compact format, just as an umbrella does. This gives them practicality and versatility making them ideal for busy moms. Once folded down, they certainly do resemble an umbrella with a curved handle and the fact that a bulky stroller can fold down into a very small easy to store accessory.

The most standout characteristic is that they are very convenient. Because they fold down so small and they are relatively light in weight, you will be able to quickly load and unload it from the trunk of your car. For busy moms this makes a huge difference as getting in and out of the car is much quicker. It also means that you can fit the stroller into the trunk of smaller cars while still being able to store groceries or other purchases. Due to the limited materials used, umbrella strollers are among the most inexpensive strollers you can get.

The downside to the umbrella stroller is that it offers limited protection to the elements, which can be a significant issue on a wet and windy day. Even with add on accessories like a rain cover we have found that they are not a good solution for more than just a few minutes when practicality is really needed. Because they fold down into such small dimensions the materials and construction will also dictate weight restrictions that mean that they are not suitable for older children, meaning that you will outgrow them sooner than a regular stroller.

Despite the limitations, our experience has been that we simply cannot live without an umbrella stroller. It is the go to device in so many situations and because it folds away neatly it doesn’t take up much room in the house either. As part of our best baby stroller reviews we have put together a lot more information for you on our designated best umbrella stroller page.


Lightweight Stroller

Light Weight Stroller

Light Weight Stroller

We have listed light weight strollers separately, even though they are very similar to the umbrella category. The reason for this is that not all umbrella strollers are also light in weight, and when we were looking for something really light we found it often to be a separate category. The reason we really needed a lightweight stroller was when we went on vacation and had to navigate airport security, aircrafts and all the other bags we had to carry around. The last thing we wanted was added weight for the stroller.

The lighter the stroller the easier you will make the process through an airport as there will be multiple times when you will need to fold up and carry it. Starting at the long term parking shuttle bus, going through the security process and then making it onto the plane is so much easier when you have something that weighs very little. It also means that when you are at your vacation destination you will be able to get around so much easier while in unfamiliar surroundings.

The advantages are that you can quickly fold the stroller away whenever needed or requested and it will not be too difficult to carry for a little while, even if that involves getting up and down stairways. However, you have to be aware that the light-weight construction of the stroller will result in very limited weight capacity of the child and will also provide very little protection. If you are in a cold or wet environment you will probably want to stay away from the lightest models.

Even with wind and rain protection gear you will find that you baby will not be 100% warm and dry. This may be fine for just very short periods of time, but we would not recommend their use for longer periods of time. When we got a lightweight stroller it was specifically for a vacation to a very sunny climate, where the limited protection actually provided for a benefit in that there was plenty of ventilation.

Make sure you take a look at our designated page on lightweight strollers that provides far more information and ideas to make sure you get a good selection of the best strollers.

Final Thoughts

All parents want to make sure they choose from the best baby strollers available in order to be certain that not only are they buying something that will be good for their kids but also for themselves. With our large collection of best baby stroller reviews we try to make it a lot easier for you to come to a conclusion. We mainly focus on strollers that don’t only get our positive reviews, but have also been positively reviewed on other websites and at Amazon.com. We hope you enjoy reading and really welcome all comments and feedback, as it can only help give other parents all the information they need.