All The Info You Need To Find The Best Umbrella Stroller

Before you decide to buy an umbrella type stroller you should definitely be aware of what it is you will be getting and what the benefits and limitations are. Once you are OK with the limitations, and there are some you have to know about to avoid disappointment, you will be much better prepared to check out individual product reviews that you can find on our site. To find the best umbrella stroller for your personal circumstances there really a lot of things to look out for, with everything from weight to weight limitations, style and protection all being important factors.

Our personal experience with the lightweight strollers we have used has been very positive, as it does provide some incredible convenience for those quick trips to a store, but also for vacation purposes. While the limitations we highlight below are significant, we have found ways to work around them, or else we know exactly when the umbrella stroller really is not suitable. And we want to chafe this info with you at it comes to this type of buggy we found that there was a huge range to choose from, but at the same time it was difficult to tell what the pros and cons were and whether it would suite us. Prices are generally quite low, but cheap doesn’t always mean bad, and expensive doesn’t always mean good.

The comparison table here shows you the three top umbrella lightweight strollers that we have found in research, which is backed up by very high Amazon customer ratings.

Top Three Umbrella Strollers

NameChicco LitewaySummer Infant 3D Bumbleride Flite
Weight15 lbs12 lbs13 lbs
Weight Limitations50 lbs50 lbs50 lbs
Dimensions42.7 x 11.4 x 10.143 x 10 x 941.5 x 10.5 x 9
Car Seat CompatibleYesNoYes
Our ReviewLiteway Plus ReviewComing SoonBumbleride Flite
Price Range$150 - $200$70 - $100$250 - $300
Our Rating4.7 Star4.4 Star4.2 Star

In order to differentiate between all the umbrella stroller options the above table highlights some of the most significant characteristics. The image will show you style and this is really where personal preference will dictate whether you like the models or not. All the other items listed are essentially what we found to be the most deciding factors that influenced our choice. As prices constantly vary, and with Amazon having some great offers from time to time, we do not give the exact price, but rather a price range to help you better choose based on your budget.

For a full list of all the top rated umbrella type buggies, which expands to way more than just the above three, you should check out our very convenient umbrella buggy comparison chart.


What Are Umbrella Strollers?

First Years Ignite StrollerThe name umbrella stroller comes from the fact that the design of them is very similar to an everyday umbrella. It will literally fold down into a very convenient piece that is easy to carry around or store even in a small trunk of a car. It does take little bit of getting used to the folding and unfolding to make sure it is assembled correctly, but once you have done it a few times you be able to unfold the buggy with one hand while you are holding your baby in the other; just like a super-mom!!!

Among the best umbrella stroller choices you will find models in different price ranges and there are definitely ones available for even a very limited budget. We bought one of these the first time we went on vacation in order to make the process of getting through security and onto a plane a lot easier. Getting through a busy airport can really be challenging with all the noise and constant need to load and unload your bags and baby. The last thing we wanted to do is bring our bulky and relatively expensive buggy only to face extra scrutiny at security and the possibility of it becoming damaged in the whole process.

By spending less than $80 you can also get a pretty good umbrella style stroller and it will make the airport travel process a little bit easier. If it does get damaged you will not be too much out of pocket while waiting for the airline or a travel insurance provider to compensate you. Many airlines will also have limitations on the size of strollers they will allow, so you could be faced with a situation where you have to check in your buggy, which only adds hassle.

Beside the practical use for air travel, we found that our lightweight stroller is very often used when either of us are just quickly heading down to the store and we want to avoid the time consuming process of folding down our main stroller, which also takes up a lot of space in the trunk. Next we want to highlight all the benefits and also limitations to make sure you are fully aware of what you are getting.


What Are The Benefits And Limitations?

Light Weight Stroller

Light Weight Stroller

Before you dive into buying an umbrella stroller you have to be aware both the benefits and limitations. This is very important, as we did notice many people on Amazon reviews being quite disappointed that their lightweight umbrella style buggy wasn’t suitable for everything they were used with the full-size and full-feature stroller. Make sure you know what you are getting.

First The Benefits:

  • Size And Weight:
    This is the main reason you will be considering an umbrella stroller. They are very light weight and fold down into a very neat package that you can quickly pick up and throw into the trunk, even with your baby in the other arm.
  • Price:
    The second thing to point out is that you can get a pretty good umbrella stroller for less than $80. This means that it is a very affordable addition to your baby gear that will not break the bank. Prices do go higher and in many cases this does mean a better buggy with more features, but beware that some higher prices are simply due to the brand name. Our individual stroller reviews go into this in more detail
  • Ideal For Busy Moms:
    We cannot stress enough how convenient and easy it is to own one these. It is an essential stroller for those days when you really do not have time to load and unload the big full stroller. Short trips to a store are so much easier, and it saves us from the only other quick fix option of carrying our baby.

Now The Limitations:

  • Limited Maximum Weight:
    Due to the lightweight and foldability umbrella strollers are less sturdy and therefore will not carry the same amount of weight as your normal buggy. Older children will also quickly become uncomfortable due to the small size. You should always play close attention to the weight limitations advised for each stroller so that you avoid your baby being uncomfortable.
  • Very Little Back Support:
    While some models do come with more than the most basic back support, you should know that most lightweight strollers are not suitable for very young babies. Even the more expensive models will be very limited in the amount of padding and support as they are designed to be convenient and lightweight.
  • Not Much Protection:
    The design of umbrella strollers is such that they save as much as possible on materials in order to save weight. They also use very light materials and the downside of all this is that there is very little protection against the elements. On very wet and windy days you will not want to get out this buggy.


Quick Review Of Top 3 Umbrella Strollers

During our search for a great umbrella stroller we found three that really stood out from the rest. The table at the top of this page shows an overview of the most important features, but we would also like to give you a quick overview of why we think these are the best on the market.


Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller

Chicco have long been one of the most favored stroller manufacturers in the world. With the Liteway Plus you definitely get one of the best umbrella strollers available at a considerably cheaper price than the below Bumbleride. Still not a budget buggy, but definitely more affordable at under $200.

At 14lbs it is only slightly heavier than the Bumbleride but it still folds down into a very small format that can be easily stowed in even a small car trunk. It also comes pre-equipped with a car seat adapter, which does mean that you can pull out an infant car safety seat and attach it easily. This is a very convenient feature that you do not get with the cheapest models available.

However, you should be aware of the fact that this stroller is only compatible with Chicco’s own KeyFit system, so if you have a car seat from a different manufacturer then you will not be able to attach it to the base. If you are just setting out to buy all your baby equipment and gadgets then it would make sense to get this stroller in the umbrella category and a matching compatible car seat at the same time.


Summer Infant 3D

For anyone on a low budget the Summer Infant 3D model is the absolute best option. Different colors range in price from $80 to $100 and for that you get some exceptionally good quality. This is confirmed by over 600 Amazon reviews which have given the stroller an average 4.5 Star review and you should head over to Amazon to check out what other parents have to say.

While you do not get the same level of features as the two other more expensive models, you will get what you need and with the added bonus of this being the lightest model we have encountered. At a total of 12 lbs it folds up into a very small size making it ideal for travelling or storage in small car trunks.

The frame is made from very solid aluminum, the seat reclines in 4 different positions making it comfortable to sleep and it comes with a decent canopy, which can also be removed.

Bumbleride Flite

For an umbrella stroller the Bumbleride Flite is quite expensive and will cost you over $200. If your budget does not stretch that far then you probably want to consider one of the other two recommended strollers. But there are some good reasons why this buggy is worth the extra money.

First of all, it is the lightest at 13 lbs and it folds down the smallest. And these are the main reasons to be buying a lightweight stroller in the first place; so if size and weight are really very important to you, then you cannot get better than this.

Another great thing about this stroller is that it comes with car seat compatibility. This means that if you have a compatible car seat, then you can directly attach the car safety seat to the stroller. And the Bumbleride comes with the largest list of compatible car seats so it is quite possible that your current car seat will fit.

The only downside we could see is that at this price we would have expected adjustable handles rather than the static ones. This is something very uncommon on umbrella type strollers, but it should be something that can be done. But the Amazon rating of 4.2 is pretty convincing.


Final Thoughts

Finding the best umbrella stroller for your personal needs and budget can be a long and tiring task, and the last thing you want is to end up with a model that doesn’t do what you expected and cost you load at the same time. The three strollers mentioned on this page cover the low medium and high budget so you have a good selection of choices. And with Amazon buyers giving these models great reviews you have added peace of mind that you are buying a good stroller.