Best Double Stroller Reviews For The Expanding Family

So your family has expanded, the single stroller is no longer going to do the job and you are wondering what the best double stroller is? Or you have had or are expecting twins and really need to double up practically everything?

Good that you have come to the right place, because at we have all the information you need with some great ideas and advice that will help you make the right decision. With so many options available it can be quite a task to find what will best suit you, so make sure you check out the info on this page before you make the final buying decision.

When we were expecting our second child we thought that the amount of stuff we would need was going to be much less. While this was the case for so many things, we did not think of the need for a new stroller. With just about 2 years between our kid’s birthdays, we really had to look for a stroller that could accommodate two children, as we would always be out together. Little did we know how much there is to consider and diverse your choices are making it very difficult to come to a good decision. First of all we would like to show you a summary of the three best double strollers we found to show you how different they are.

Top 3 Double Strollers

NameBaby Jogger City MiniBOB Revolution DualieBaby Trend Double Jogger
Weight30.4 lbs34 lbs32.5 lbs
Maximum Weight100 lbs100 lbs100 lbs
Wheel Width29”30.5”32.5
Folded Dimensions (L x H x W)29.5 x 11 x 2939 x 16 x 30.528 x 14 x 32.5
Car Seat CompatibleYesYesNo
Our ReviewsBaby Jogger City MiniBOB Revolution SE DuallieBaby Trend Double Jogger
Our Rating4.6 Star4.6 Star4.5 Star
Price Range$300 - $350$450 - $500$150 - $200

In order to identify the best stroller the above table highlights the most important distinguishing factors that explain the differences in ratings and price. While there is a certain degree of personal preference involved you should always take a look at the stroller dimensions and weight to make sure it will fit through your door and in the trunk of your car. Lighter can be more convenient, but also means it will potentially have less features and padding to protect your kids. A car seat adapter can be extremely important, as most strollers are not immediately suitable for very young and newborn babies.

Different Types Of Double Stroller

The first thing you need to be aware of is that there are different types of double seat stroller, which have a significant impact on the way you use them. The three main types you will encounter are (a) Side-By-Side, (b) Tandem and (c) Sit And Stand. All three have their benefits but also drawbacks, which we unfortunately did not think of when we made our choice. Before you make a final decision you should definitely take the below information into account before you decide which is the best stroller for you.

Double Stroller

Side-By-Side Dual Stroller

As the name suggests, this type of stroller will have two seats and they will be situated next to each other. Basically, both seats are identical meaning that you can switch around your kids as needed or wanted (our two can be very picky about where they want to sit). The great advantage of this is that your children will be able to interact while you are out for a walk. Also, if you are taller than average it will be a lot easier to push than a tandem style double stroller, as your legs are not as restricted by the second seat right in front of you.

The downside is that side-by-side twin strollers are quite wide and this can be a bit of a nuisance. For example, you will find that a lot of doors are not wide enough to get through so you have to unload your kids before you get in the door. And while a large supermarket will have plenty of space for you to manoeuvre, a small store will make things a lot more difficult. Despite this, the majority of our double stroller reviews are of this type.

Tandem Double Stroller

These can be extremely versatile and convenient, and our one has served us very well in many situations. Essentially the seats are designed for your kids to sit one in front of the other and this means that the design is a lot narrower than the above-mentioned side-by-side type. This makes them generally speaking a lot easier to steer, especially in tight spaces.

There are two downsides that we have found, which actually caused us to eventually get a side-by-side one. Firstly, as tall people we keep bumping into the back seat with our legs when we are walking. If you are just going for a leisurely stroll then you can compensate with shorter strides, but if you are in a hurry then this becomes very, very annoying.

Secondly, our kids are not able to interact with each other and our son, the youngest, often tends to kick the back of the seat in front, which understandably annoys our daughter. For us, the side-by-side option has become the better, as we rarely find that we are caught for space.

Sit And Stand Stroller

If your eldest child is coming to an age where she or he is too old to be sitting in a stroller then a sit and stand type may well be a great option for you. In most cases you will have a forward facing seat for the younger child or baby and a step platform for your older child to get up on should they become tired. So far we have not needed or used one, but from friends and family we have heard that they can be essential.

If you like going out for a walk with your kids you will probably know that they can be very unpredictable as to how far they will walk before they complain about being tired. For us it can sometimes be just a few hundred yards from home. What the sit and stand double stroller will allow you to do is give you child a period of rest; nothing is worse than pushing a stroller while carrying a 4 year old at the same time.

While most single strollers come with an optional accessory step that attaches to the back, a designated sit and stand double stroller is a bit more beneficial. The reason for this is that with the add on accessory you restrict how big a step you can take and you will find yourself bumping into the step a lot, especially if you are taller than average.

What Should You Look Out For?

Before you say to yourself that you have found the best double stroller for your needs, please make sure you consider the following information. We essentially made a mistake and hindsight showed us how obvious it really was. Hopefully you can benefit from this shared information and avoid making a decision you might later regret.

  • Style
    As mentioned above there are three main styles that are very different and all come with their own pros and cons. Tandem style is easier to manoeuver, but less suitable for tall people, while side-by-side will be restrictive in certain places, but your kids can more easily interact. Sit and stand type strollers are ideal for older children only.
  • Fixed And Moveable Front Wheel
    This is a feature that we really like as it allows you to be a lot more flexible in steering and controlling the stroller. When the front wheels are moveable it is very easy to turn in tight spaces, but when you are going for a brisk walk this can cause the stroller to wobble a little. This is where a fixed front wheel is better. A lot of strollers these days allow you to switch between the two, which is something you should consider.
  • Wheel width
    This is one of the most important factors to consider and is very dependent on the syle you choose. Before you just go and make a decision, take a look at the wheel width of the stroller and measure whether it will fit through your front door. If it doesn’t then you will be faced with the constant situation of having to unload your kids and any bags and accessories in the basket, before you can fold the stroller to bring inside your house.
  • Folding Size And Ease
    For us one of the most important things, also in hindsight, was how easy it is to fold and unfold the stroller. Our first choice was very difficult to fold and we still tend to catch our fingers at times. Also, very important, check the folded dimensions and make sure that it will fit in the trunk of your car. Double strollers are bulky, but some are smaller than others.
  • Handlebar Height Adjustable
    If you are an average height parent then this is really not all that important. But if you are taller or smaller than average then handle bar adjustment is something that you really want to make sure is available. The amount of adjustment can vary, but obviously the more room for change the better it is for your comfort.
  • Comfort For Your Children
    This is very much a personal judgment and to this day we have not encountered a stroller that was really uncomfortable. Some of the umbrella type strollers will have very little padding and protection. If you are really concerned then read some Amazon reviews or just go into a specialty store to physically check it out.

Quick Review Of Top 3 Jogging Strollers

There are numerous double stroller reviews on this site, but we do want to highlight the top three twin seat strollers based on our research done so far. While we did place the three strollers in a particular order, it is very likely that your personal needs would indicate a different order. But choosing from these three strollers will ensure that you are making one of the best possible choices.


Baby Jogger City Mini Double

In our opinion the best stroller you could choose is this model Baby Jogger. The first thing to point out is that this is not a stroller suitable for going jogging, which in our opinion is a bit misleading. But the manufacturers make this claim themselves, so we would not suggest using this model for such purposes.

Quick fold technology means you can fold it with one hand, which is a huge benefit. Unless you have experienced a stroller that is difficult to fold with even two hands then you don’t know how valuable an easy fold system really is. Especially when you also have to struggle with two children, getting in and out of car can really be frustrating, so making your life easier in this regard is essential.

With an add-on adapter you are also able to directly attach a baby car seat. This is very practical when you have a newborn baby where it is often easier to get out the car seat and attach it to the stroller. It is a shame however that this is an additional accessory, rather than a built in feature.

Of our top three choices this is the lightest and narrowest with just over 30 lbs and 29 inches. For us this is important, but you may well not care too much about this if you have a large trunk in your car. And at under $350 this is a pretty good price considering the build quality, features and Amazon customer reviews.


BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

First of all we want to point out that this is one of the double strollers with the highest average Amazon customer rating, higher than our personal top choice above. This is certainly not something to dismiss, but you bear in mind that this comes at a considerably higher price of just under $500, making it not suitable for all budgets.

The accessory adapter allows you to quickly attach a BOB infant car safety seat, which is very handy indeed, especially when your baby is very young and not quite ready for the stroller seat. We strongly suggest that you look into this if you are going to be using the stroller for a newborn.

While it is not specifically designed for jogging you will notice how similar the design is to jogging strollers. But even if it is not officially classified a jogging stroller you will be a lot more flexible with the type of terrain you can venture into. Because of the large wheels you will easily be able to go “off-road” and not be constantly plagued by even small obstacles.

Baby Trend Double Jogger

For a smaller budget this is definitely the most affordable and go to double type stroller. At just under $150 you would almost ask yourself “What’s wrong with it?” But a quick look at the Amazon reviews and you will notice that people are very happy with this stroller. At that price you are not going to get the lightest material and smallest design, but if that is not of concern to you then you will be quite happy with this model.

For this price you will get a front wheel that can be fixed or moveable, which is great as it allows for much more practicality in everyday tasks and on long walks. And with the large bicycle style wheels you will also be able to take walks in rougher terrain without getting caught on every small obstacle while also providing a more comfortable ride for your kids.

The other downside of this Baby Trend stroller is that it cannot be fitted with a car seat adapter, so you will not be able to use it until you baby is a little bit older. The manufacturer suggests 6 months and over, and that is probably safe option to take.


Final Thoughts

As part of our best double stroller reviews we have highlighted our top three choices on this page. There are a lot more available, and our site is constantly being updated with new reviews and models that hit the market. You should now be in a position to make a really good educated decision, resting assured that you have done the best possible research for your kids.